What are your Terms of Service?

We do not lock our customers in with a contract. Quite simply our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. All we require is 30 days notice to terminate the service.

How quickly can you start answering my calls?

We aim to make everything about our service as easy and painless as possible. It’s just a simple process and you can be set up within 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of service you require.

How do I divert my Calls?

You can divert incoming calls by activating BT’s Call Diversion from the keypad of your telephone; we will provide you with your own dedicated telephone number for this. ¬†We can also supply you with your own 0845, or any other area telephone number free of charge.

What happens when more than one-person calls at the same time?

our customers have all the advantages of state of the art call centre technology at your service, but without the cost or impersonal service. Diverting to us effectively gives you a multi-line telephone system so calls can be handled simultaneously. Your customers will never get a busy signal and all calls are answered in 5 seconds.

How can you help a one-man band working from home?

We understand that as a sole trader your time is precious, but you still need to look after your clients. We offer a range of professional services that will save you time and money. You can divert calls from your home, mobile or your office and calls will be answered in your company name with a professional manner that enhances your image. We can then transfer calls back to you anywhere in the world, send messages by SMS, email fax or telephone.

How quickly will I receive my messages?

We use state-of-the-art technology to instantly send your messages via your preferred method; email, SMS/text message, fax or we can put the call seamlessly through, or if required you can call us regularly through the day to pick up messages from your own business partner.

You will also receive a free end of day summary report via email with every call logged, showing time and date of call received or made.

How often will you invoice me?

Your invoice will be generated monthly and can be paid automatically by Credit/Debit Card.

What training do you give your team?

Your team will be trained according to your business requirements, and we welcome your input and involvement.
All of our team are experienced professional staff trained in customer services, sales and marketing and business administration. Our calls are monitored for quality and scored by our quality assurance team who feedback to all staff every week. Our senior staff are graduates in various business disciplines from business development, sales and marketing to IT and telecommunications through to accounting and financial planning.

Do I have to divert all of my calls all of the time?

The simplicity of our service means that you are always in charge of your call divert, controlling how often or how little you divert the calls to us.

How do you answer my calls?

We answer them exactly as your own trained staff would in your own offices, to your specifications. Calls coming into our system instantaneously activate your screen with all your company information, complete with how you prefer your calls to be answered.

Will my callers know they are through to an answer service?

We make sure that your callers NEVER know that they are talking to a third party. We apologise if you are busy and unable to take the call. We can even call your customers on your behalf to keep them informed of progress to confirm or book appointments etc.

Is your trial really free?

Yes absolutely 100% Free! There are no charges for your 7-day free trial and
It is totally no obligation too. On the last day of service you will be sent an end of trial report detailing how many calls were taken and the costs you might expect should you continue with the service.
Please call us now with any questions on 0800 11 20 222